Financial Information



The course fees are the same whether you are doing the school or the ESOM internship year.

Initial Payment

An initial payment of £100 is required to confirm your place upon your acceptance onto the course. This must be paid one month after being accepted onto ESOM. The remainder of your course fee £750** must be paid by 8 September, 2018. 

(**International payments will incur a £25 processing fee)

Additional Costs

The course fees cover expenses such as our annual retreat as well as event costs, workbooks and handouts and staff costs. They do not cover books on the course reading list or travel and accommodation costs for mission trips – these will need to be budgeted for by the student during the year. 

International Visa Costs

If you are coming to ESOM from outside of the EU then there will be an extra cost for the visa for the year which is directly payable to the UK borders agency at the time of processing your visa. The Visa is a Tier 5 Religious workers visa and the cost is £244. It will also require a healthcare surcharge of £150 which means you will not have to pay for health insurance during your time here. The total cost for the Visa will be £394 ($530). 

Estimate of monthly costs: 

Rent: £200 (based on 3 sharing) 
Utility bills: £50
Public transport: £100
Food: £100
Miscellaneous: £50
Total estimated monthly costs per person =  £500 

(Please note: all costs are in GBP – British Pound Sterling) 

Students will be required as part of the application form to sign a commitment agreeing to the financial implications of attending Encounter School of Mission as outlined previously. This commitment states that they agree to organise their support in advance of starting,  and that they agree that it is their responsibility to cover their entire living expenses for the year on time. 

Self Financing 

Students will need to work out in advance some form of financial support to cover their fees and their entire living expenses for the year. This support could be from personal savings or it could be from ongoing support through their local church, small group or family and friends. 

There is a level of faith required in raising support and we believe that personal responsibility and self-management should also be a key part of this process; this means that students should take full responsibility for meeting their financial commitments.  

There is no remuneration or financial help from Causeway Coast Vineyard towards fees or living costs. 

Early Withdrawal / Expulsion  

Due to students having committed to the course in advance, if any students decide to leave the school early or are removed from the course for discipline reasons, they are required to cover any costs incurred throughout the remainder of the year. Examples of this include: rent, flights and course fees.