At Causeway Coast Vineyard, we want our structures and operating systems to be those that allow us to multiply favour. Our dream isn’t for operations to help us become a better church. Instead we want to ask the question what would happen if we released our resources to others in our community. 

Ops is the support mechanism which allows (or sometimes doesn’t allow!) the front-line ministries to perform their role. Ops is a ministry in itself, though often more in the background. Each person within Ops has a vital role to make things happen and our mindset is always Kingdom. 

Our Ops team is woven throughout everything we do at Causeway Coast Vineyard. Whilst Ops work in a separate department to kids, youth, women’s ministry, compassion we value the role that each area does and each of these areas value the role of Ops. We have to provide some direction and occasionally challenge but we’ve set a culture to lead with a ‘yes’. 

Interning in Ops will give you the amazing opportunity to work alongside and learn from our staff team who include experienced staff from the world of investment banking, law, accountancy and more. You will be involved in many different departments, offering solutions and suggestions in our world which is fast, flexible and fluid. This team will provide you with opportunities that would rival many small and medium-sized enterprises. If you are a problem solver, are driven by solutions, love spreadsheets, a good policy, enjoy putting together a process but desire to see the Kingdom of God released here then we’d love you to come along and intern with us.

David McCracken - Operations Director

David McCracken - Operations Director