I came to ESOM because I just knew there was so much more to experience in my walk with God. I knew there was a way of living a “normal” Christian life radically, and I wanted to learn how. I wanted to see God invade my workplace, meet with my friends and family, change my community, but all in my everyday. 

ESOM is an incredible school designed to create a safe place for you to take risk, be bold and learn how to live a radical life for God. 

I have never felt community like this. There is something so beautiful in being surrounded by 40 like-minded people who are passionately pursuing God and who really model honour and love for each other. I am learning so much of what true community looks like. Also being invested in, taught by and mentored by the ESOM and Vineyard leadership team has been incredibly valuable. I am learning so much through them. 

ESOM has been an incredible year of hearing the Father’s voice and really getting rooted in my identity with Him. God has blown my mind by helping me grasp how much He loves us but also how much he TRUSTS us. We are trusted leaders who have been equipped with gifts and his authority to change nations. 

I came to ESOM because I was hungry for more of God and wanted to experience His love in an environment of people who are looking for the supernatural. I really wanted to stretch my own faith and to bring it to a new level. 

- Zoe 

I applied to do ESOM around the time I graduated from law school. It was through achieving what I assumed would bring me ‘success’ and secure my identity, that I became acutely aware that there was something missing in my life. In spite of my striving there was a gaping and unmistakeable void in my heart. My faith had unintentionally but absolutely become about me.  

I knew that the Father had made me for so much more than I was currently experiencing. Whilst it is important to want to truly know and love the Father more, it is crucial to be equipped to tangibly share His love with others. I wanted to exchange my inwardly-focused gaze for an outwardly-focused heart and ESOM was a tangible way to commit to growing in this.  

I can honestly say my heart has grown in size since doing ESOM. I have gained 40 new family members through this experience. The love, warmth and encouragement I have found in them will be with me all the days of my life. I have seen the face of Jesus in this community. I have felt his heartbeat, looked in His eyes and known His love through each of them.  

I would love to share a really pivotal encounter I had on outreach one day, to demonstrate more of what we do on ESOM. I felt the Father highlight a lady to me in a coffee shop. He gave me a vivid picture of a ring being taken off her hand. I felt the Father wanted to speak His love and worth over her in the face of heart-breaking rejection. I was terrified to share this picture with a stranger. At this early stage in ESOM I was still very new to the concept of hearing God’s voice for others, never mind sharing it with them!  

I definitely stumbled over my words, but got to share the picture and the Father’s heart with this lady. She was deeply moved and shared about some devastating rejection in her life. I left her but felt the Father tell me to buy her some flowers. I picked a bunch and ran back to give them to her. She said nothing, but simply pulled up her sleeve and showed me a tattoo of the very flowers I had bought her.  

What is so striking about this story is not the accuracy of the words the Father gave me for her - it was how in that moment I got to witness Jesus being introduced to this woman. It was seeing how in that instant, she began to grasp how much the Father loves her.  

Love is at the cornerstone of why we pray, why we take risk and ultimately why we do ESOM. It has been a joy and privilege to watch as the Father lavishes His love on those we get to serve. We tend to overuse phrases like ‘life-changing’, but this honestly describes my ESOM experience perfectly.  

Before ESOM, my identity was ultimately about proving my worth. Now I realise that proving my worth is redundant. Jesus has already paid the price for me. He wants me for me. My days are brighter because I know who He says I am. My heart is fuller because of what He’s revealed. My hope is greater. 

- Clare


I came to ESOM because I was hungry for more of God and wanted to experience His love in an environment of people who are looking for the supernatural. I really wanted to stretch my own faith and to bring it to a new level. 

Every week as a school we go out on outreach and it’s amazing. I will never forget the moment that we prayed for a lady and as she lifted her hand to test the pain level, she discovered her shoulder was completely healed.  

I love the sense of family at ESOM, and Causeway Coast Vineyard. These guys really live out what it means to walk in community! 

Through ESOM, I’ve learned how to balance my life - spirit, soul and body - and learned how to recognise when the Holy Spirit is speaking. I’m a worship leader, and one of the greatest things ESOM has taught me is to pursue God first in secret and then to live my life in worship of Him, in community. 

- Dávid 

I came to ESOM because I wanted to be part of a community that wasn’t church but which was intentionally pursuing God, and to learn how to bring the values of the kingdom of God to my everyday living. What I’ve found in ESOM is just that and more – it’s become a safe environment for me to take risks and to make mistakes.  

I have just been blown away by how all the ESOM students honour and affirm each other. I have never been in an environment before where I have been celebrated and valued for who I am in Christ. We encourage one another to step out and take risks and the Father always shows up! 

I think one of the most important things I’ve learned through ESOM is growing into my identity as a daughter of the King of Kings, and the authority I carry from having that identity.  

My ESOM year has been the most wonderful year of my life and now I have the confidence to live everyday life in my neighbourhood, knowing that I carry the love and power of God within me to make a difference and to bring life to my city. It’s simply amazing! 

- Wendy